Hifh efficient solutions that fill functional gaps in SAP ERP and S /4HANA systems are not enough. We also offer a number of other tools supporting financial management and financial reporting.

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On your special request, we can prepare solutions adjusting selected SAP modules to your requirements.

Additionally, we will develop integration mechanisms with third-party software on our own or with partners.

Consulting & programming services:

  • Implementation of VAT White List
  • Standard Audit file in SAP (JPK)
  • Split Payment in SAP
  • SAP Treasury & Risk Management (SAP TRM
  • SAP Cash & Liquidity Management (SAP CLM)
  • SAP In-House Cash (SAP IHC)
  • SAP Financial Accounting & Bank Ledger
  • Audits and SAP project management


  • Strong experiences of our team
  • Flexibility & scalabity od our solutions
  • High financial & technical security of our solutions
  • Reduction of implementation & maintenance costs

How do we work:

A typical process of implementation of a bank statement cockpit includes the following phases:

Analysis – a review of the process of importing bank statement transactions and posting them in SAP, currently in use in the Company. Development of the target process and identification of key rules requiring automation.
The deliverable of this stage will be the Small Business Blueprint (SBB).

Realization – system implementation of assumptions resulting from the SBB, including programming and configuration work, internal and acceptance tests, solution documentation and go live.

Support / Finetuning – support for users at the initial stage of production solution operation and customizations in the rules of automatic posting of bank statements for cases not identified at the analysis and realization stages.

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