Fintiera Liquidity Cockpit is a tool that streamlines cash position and liquidity management in SAP S/4 HANA.


Fintiera Liquidity Cockpit is another solution from Fintiera that improves the efficiency of SAP S/4 HANA system.

Users of the reports are both operational and management divison of departments responsible for liquidity management in an organization operating on SAP, especially large enterprises and extended capital groups.


The tool is designed to monitor the current balance of funds and the use of limits in various currencies, banks and companies, as well as to report on the performance and forecast of cash flow over any time horizon. In addition, it enables automatic emailing of a ready-made report to decision-makers containing key liquidity information. The solution is highly configurable. The client defines any categories of data presentation, according to business needs, and the way  they are presented in reports. In addition, the customer himself can manage categories, report layouts, or charts.

Differences from the competitors:

Fintiera Liquidity Cockpit ikona
  • Coherent solution integrating various sources of liquidity data supported by comprehensive credit limit handling
  • Support for various methods of reading bank balances: Manual entry, import from MT940 and MT942 statements, or direct balance inquiry from the bank via WebService channel
  • Multiplicity of reporting dimensions to meet the needs of large national organizations and transnational corporations
  • Scalability of the solution in terms of building a complex hierarchical cash flow model
  • Ease of configuration of data views and charts within the intended model.
  • Balance reporting: current or opening balances per account, currency, account type, bank and country, including overdraft limits
  • Forecast of closing balances per currency including overdraft limits
  • Presentation of debt status by type of obligation and bank, including limits
  • Liquidity indicators such as projected closing balance in the horizon of a week, month per currency, country, company
  • Currency gap charts with changeable horizon and snapshot (daily, weekly, mothly) for defined significant currencies
  • Forecast cash flow according to different dimensions and in any complex, hierarchical structure of cash flow
  • Data feeds possible through dedicated form factors.
  • Technically the solution is available to any customer using SAP S/4 HANA version at least 1610
  • For the application of the solution in groups of companies and some functionalities, it may be necessary to have a license of SAP S/4 HANA Finance for Cash Management
  • In the case of a WebService connection with a specific bank, an agreement between the customer and the bank for the use of such service is required.

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Fintiera is a producer of dedicated solutions for users of SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems, founded by experts with many years of experience working on international SAP projects.

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