Fintiera Liquidity Cockpit:

Better liquidity management in SAP ERP and S/4HANA.

Profile of the solution:

Fintiera Liquidity Cockpit is dashboard that raises the effectiveness of SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems.

The tool is designed to monitor the current balance of cash in various currencies and banks, as well as to report and simulate expected cash flows in the short to medium term, taking into account significant liquidity ratios.

The solution has an attractive visual layer in the form of a dashboard, built in SAP Analytics Cloud technology. As a result, it is available both for desktops and mobile devices.

The users of the reports are both operational and management divisions of the departments responsible for liquidity management in the organization operating on SAP, from medium-sized enterprises to large corporate groups.


  • Time – significant reduction of time needed to obtain reliable information on the liquidity situation of the organization
  • Completeness – all liquidity-related indicators, charts and reports available in a single cockpit
  • Up-to-date information – constant updates on the cash balance thanks to the available methods of balance requesting directly from the bank.
  • Transparency of presentation – the tool focuses on what is important to the user and presents it in a clear form
  • Easy access – direct access to the cockpit from a web browser or mobile device application and export to PDF
  • Scenario analyses – functions to simulate the impact of changes in specific risk factors on the liquidity forecast.

Differences from the competitors:

  • Attractive visual layer of the tool
  • Flexibility in creating liquidity ratios tailored to the needs of the organization
  • Advanced simulation functions
  • Easily expandable cash flow model
  • Guaranteed stability of the solution through installing application updates
  • Integration with other Fintiera solutions.

Additional information:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud – a modern reporting technology
  • A coherent solution integrating various sources of liquidity data, based on the SAP Cash and Liquidity Management standard
  • Support for methods of reading bank balances: from MT940 statements, G/L account balances, directly from the bank or PSD2 hub through the WebService channel
  • Multiple reporting dimensions meeting the needs of large organizations
  • Scalability of the solution for building a complex, hierarchical cash flow model
  • Easy configuration of KPIs and charts under the selected model
  • Data processing in a secure SAP cloud ensures immediate availability of data.
  • Cash balance reporting: current or opening balances per currency, account type, bank and country, including overdraft limits
  • Forecast of closing balances as of today per currency including overdraft limits
  • Presentation of debt by type of liability and bank, including limits
  • Liquidity ratios such as a forecast closing balance for a week, month per currency
  • Currency gap charts with the option to change the horizon and scope (daily, weekly, monthly) for defined significant currencies KPI type liquidity ratios, e.g. CFO, CFI, CFF, FCF
  • Cash flow forecast according to various dimensions and in a hierarchical cash flow structure with any complexity
  • Functions to simulate the impact of specific risk factors on the liquidity forecast
  • Feeding a manual forecast with Excel data in a dedicated tool.

Technically, the solution is available for every Customer using SAP ERP 6.0 or SAP S/4 HANA with an active SAP NetWeaver component, version 7.40 as a minimum. Additionally, it is necessary to purchase a license for SAP Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence per reporting user. In the case of connecting WebService to a specific bank or PSD2 hub, an agreement between the Customer and the Bank/Hub for using such a service is required.

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